Commercial CDs

This account requires a minimum opening deposit of $1,000.

Certificates of Deposit less than $100,000 from First State Bank of Uvalde range in maturities from 90 days to 30 months.

Likewise, Certificates of Deposit more than $100,000 from First State Bank of Uvalde range in maturities from 30 days to 30 months.

For interest rates, annual percentage yield or other information, contact the FSB CD Department.

This is not meant to be a complete disclosure of all account features and fees.

To obtain a full disclosure please click the following link Your Account Brochure 07/27/2019 or contact us for a copy of the "Your Deposit Account" brochure.

FSB CD Department:

Pictured from Left to Right: Frank Aguilar, Edie Collier, Johanna Zamora

Main Bank - (830) 278-6231
Edie Collier, Vice President - Ext. 1232
Frank Aguilar, Banking Officer - Ext. 1258
Johanna Zamora - Ext. 1296


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